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Innovations and developments in the design and manufacture of new materials for the Deck, furniture, flooring and general building industries have led to the need for new fixings.

Developed in the UK to meet these new exacting demands, the ‘Tite®’ range of woodscrews is ahead of the game. Whether it’s decking, MDF, high density flooring board, exterior applications or quality furniture manufacture, the ‘Tite®’ range has a product that matches the application perfectly

Based on the revolutionary and highly successful Tri-Lock’ threadform, first introduced on Deck-Tite®, the ‘Tite®’ range now incorporates several other innovative features never before seen on a woodscrew. The ‘Tite’ range has truly taken the woodscrew into the 21st century. The reason this is possible is because we listen to what the craftsperson wants and then strive to give them just that.


The Timber Decking & Cladding Association (TDCA) has awarded Tite-Fix's OutDoor product Fixing range its quality assured accreditation, Deck Mark®.


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